HOV Healthy Havens

Jeanne, Sabrina and Richard were instrumental to the success of HOV.

This is our most reliable committee. Members are dedicated to the upkeep and promotion of our 2 gardens one on Norwood Avenue of Newark and the other on Eighteenth Avenue of Newark.

Teacher giving instructions to neighborhood students at the 18th Ave. garden.
Volunteer power.
Gardeners consulting,
Thank you Rutgers.
Yoga in the garden.
Turn down for the winter.
Refreshments for volunteers.
Garden ready for picking.
Clean sweep.
Cleaning the garden.
Picking produce.
Solo work.
Seedling party.
Seedling volunteers.
Garden worker.
Rutgers in the house.
Volunteers, thank you.
Ready to eat eggplant.
Straight out of the garden.
Ready for picking.
Just planted.
Beautiful to see,
Filling in the garden beds.
Young waterers.
Learning the ropes of gardening.
Garden meeting.
Taking a break.
Sometimes we call on a lot of volunteers to get projects done.
Banner for the garden.
Garden upkeep.
A clean and ready garden.
Ripe for the picking.
Learning about community gardening.
Using one of our community gardens as a social meeting place.
A place for solitude.
Community life in the garden.

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