Our History

This is the story of our ministry and how we became what we are today. 

As the one of the nine children of the late Pastor, Rev. Dumervil LaFrance, who shepherded six churches  and administered six local schools for over fifty years in the North West Province  of Haiti, God has always been using me in His works from my secondary education till presently.

I, Darius LaFrance, wanted to do His works in my own way.  I thought that I could learn a trade, Electrical Engineering, then go to Seminary in order to be seriously involved in His ministry. In His permissive will, He had allowed me to follow the course of my action temporarily. I wasted a lot of money and time to learn that trade in three different countries, but my precious Lord has not allowed me to apply it not even a single day of my life! I asked myself the following question: Why does this happen to me?

I came to conclude that God’s absolute will must be superseded over human will. I had not had peace in my heart for many years until I decided to surrender my will to the absolute will of God. I decided to return to school again. My Lord led me to Nyack College, Nyack, New York. In 1988 and later on to Long Island University (LIU) and Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS), where I did my graduate  studies  in Education  and in Theology. Since then, my Heavenly Father has been using me in the Pastoral Ministry throughout the States of New York and Connecticut, and in the Teaching Ministry at High School and College levels as well.

                      The more I keep on studying the precious living Word of

                       God, the more I feel that God wants me to spread His

                        Word globally and to open an Evangelical University

                          grounded upon the truthfulness of His Word.

                           After ministering with Christian and Missionary         

                           Alliance (CMA) from 1990 through 1998, God has    

                            called me to start my own International Ministries-

                             DARIUS LAFRANCE INTERNATIONAL


We opened in October 2000, a multi-cultural church – Waterbury Evangelical Church, located in Waterbury, Connecticut, where we live and breathe by the Word of God.             

We also have a church in the Country side of Haiti, “L’ Eglise Evangelique de Raymond, Raymond, Soval,” Haiti.  

It is very important to be noted that:          

The Ecclesiastical Government of all Churches within The DARIUS LAFRANCE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES ( DLIMINISTRIES) can be seen in our Constitution and By Laws.

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